I was opportune to be honored by one of my students who came to me for advice before embarking on Marriage yesterday while On online.

Some people think a Successful Marriage begins from the various activities during a Relationship or not being in haste or having good grades in University or having different certificates or being a successful entrepreneur before Marriage. Others think it’s from your Relationship with the person when you first start moving ON.


On the contrary, a Successful Marriage begins from your preparation as a SINGLE, before you ever get to know, meet or choose your marriage partner. It begins with your mindset towards Marriage, knowing what you want and what it takes to get it. It starts with your positive thoughts, which come from your discovery of Allaah’s intention towards Marriage from His Word in the Quran and Hadith of His Prophet.

As we all know, our thoughts control whatever becomes of us. That is why the Divine books (Quran and Hadith) admonishes that you guard your heart with its diligence, take advice from righteous scholars and elders (some parents no more give their children good and sound advice anymore because the Duniya or what they are going through in their Marriage has beclouded their judgment of Marriage).

I believe that before Allaah created everything we see today, He had written everything in His Divine Tablet (Lawhul-Mahfooz). That was why He told us a lot about it in the Qur’an. The truth is, your mind can bring everything that you need, just the way you want it; but you must think right! (In the line of Quran and Hadith).

Therefore, if you want a peaceful, fun-filled, and loving home, follow HIS words diligently and His Prophet’s Advice in Selecting a Spouse and not on your whims and desires. Your human choice. Create that in your heart and let it guide your choices each day. Don’t becloud your mind with the evils you see elsewhere, comparing your home to that of others in the world, who go through numerous challenges. Yours can be different; but first, your mind must be reoriented. It all begins in and with YOU!


  1. Mogaji Solihat Idowu

    I was scared when I started reading this educating tip, but alhamdulillah at the end I’m happy.

  2. This an amazing and interesting and relevant write-up for the single.
    Jazakumullhahu khaeron,may Almighty put barakah to your knowledge.

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