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Should I tell my husband the truth?


Some sisters in a relationship OR newly married wives do ask themselves or counsellors whether is it part of love for my husband and being sincere to him that I should tell him everything about myself and my life. Should I tell him my secrets of all that I know?

It is a very important question; this is because it is related to many problems that might come up later. The truth is NO! Do not tell him everything no matter the extent of your love and truthfulness to him; as Allaah did not make telling lies lawful except on 3 occasions one of which is between husband and wife in respect of some issues.

Let us look at some things elders and experience have discovered that revealing them may create problems and gaps between the married couple ⤵️⤵️:


Do not tell him about the defects of your Parents; because this issue may degrade you before him, just as might make him look at your family members in a negative way which may likely sour the relationship or marriage between him and your family members later. One of the wives said:

I used to tell my husband about the harsh way in which my mum would treat my dad, till he (my dad) married another wife in addition to my mum. After some years of marriage, I was surprised by him disgracing me with that saying: “You have n attitude similar to that of your mum; you will soon face the same fate as her”.

Watch out for the following scenario!!!


6 thoughts on “Should I tell my husband the truth?”

  1. Can someone tell her husband about her past ,for example if he ask are u a virgin and she’s not what kind of reply is the best

    1. In this kind of question, you need to be succinct and diplomatic. If he asks if you are a virgin. You need to answer him if you are that YOU WILL KNOW THAT IF ALLAAH QADAR US TO BE MARRIED. If you are not, tell him I AM NOT without going into details of hiw it happened.

      Allah knows best.

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