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Do not tell him about your past in regards to SEX if you are no more virgin before you met him and Allaah Qadar he is your man to marry you. The pride of a woman is her virginity BUT Being a virgin does not mean she is better than others. I am no more a virgin is enough for him to know if he asked about it. Telling him about the numbers of men you have slept with or periodical of it is out of the way. Also, don’t make the mistake of telling him you love it admire someone before him and the person should not be known to him.

This is because it will create a hole in his mind even after you get married to each other and this might bring about him degrading you in his heart now and future. Likewise, knowing the person will make him feel guilty that so so and so had slept with my wife once except those who Deen has overridden their whole life entirely. All these might backfire in the future by the developing doubt about you or remain in his heart against you.

Watch out for the following scenario!!!


10 thoughts on “Should I Tell Continuing”

  1. Ibrahim Fauziyyyah

    So it’s better not to divulge everything to one’s spouse for now and for future purposes. Jazakumllahu khayr BHMC

  2. Sulaimon Enitan Faarooq

    Hmmm BaarokaLlah fee

    I’ve actually aksed this kind of questions long time ago.. but then I was still confused as to whether I should tell her my past of not… Bit with this post,I think I’m able to get my answers

    May Alloh increase your knowledge

  3. Hunnmmm well said!
    It is better not to talk about your past to any man… What will be yours, will be yours no matter what biithinillah.. so keep calm and continue to put your trust in Him….

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