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Sex discussion has now become something “terrible” to discuss amongst married couples and singles. But why?

From the previous post, we stopped at:

Alhamdulillah for Islam. But there’s something worth knowing before all these are done.

Couples first have to know each other’s erogenous zones…

Meaning of “erogenous zones”: A part of the human body that is particularly responsive to sexual stimulation.

What’s stimulation? An activity causing excitement or pleasure or any action that creates a response.

My definition is: some parts of the body that are like hot-spot which when touched the way they need to be touched, when held correctly, when squeezed the way they ought to be squeezed when rubbed perfectly, make an individual lose control, to be sexually high and ready for the unseen battle between legal couples.

There’s a need to know that, the erogenous zones of a man differs from that of a lady and also, its effects are different individually.

Let’s quickly take a look at some of the erogenous zones of both genders:

That of men include:

His scalp

His neck

His mouth and lips

His nipples

His ears

Inner thighs

Let me stop there…

That of ladies include:

Back of the neck

The spine

Inner thigh

Upper chest

Neck and shoulder

The children’s food, most especially, the atom.


Unbelievable right??? There’s more to what had been mentioned than what you can ever imagine. Sex should be enjoyed passionately and not endured terribly.


Let’s quickly explain some styles mentioned in the previous write-ups:

COWGIRL: This is done when the husband man lays flat on his back and his wife sits on the weapon while facing him. Advantage is that, the man gets to relax while the woman does the hard work. To make the work easier, get…….

REVERSED COWGIRL: This is similar to the one above but the difference is, here, the woman faces the husband’s feet and………

DOGGY: As it sounds, this is where the wife kneels in a crawling position and the husband penetrates from the back.

WHEELBARROW: This is when the wife bends down(as if she wants to pick something) with both hands on the floor while the husband stands behind her and “do the do”. Advantage is that, the husband gets to hold her waist and……..



This brings us to the end of the lesson… We would have loved to continue but we hope it should be learnt formally. Mind you, each part mentioned above has its way of being handled pleasurably and not just “touched” anyhow. That may suck!

Also, there are different types of sex-based on the atmosphere, location or situation. For instance, some sicknesses can be cured by “hot” sex. There is another called “organised sex”. We have that of “tie him down”… This works far better than going to Saki or Ibadan for love charm. With it, you can be rest assured that your man isn’t going anywhere Bi IdhniLlah, etc. There’s more to sex than JUST penetration. What’s worth doing, worth doing well. Don’t be a boring spouse. Spice up the intimacy in your marriage.

To the psychologist, we have 5 types of sex with different art and characteristics. If you are interested in knowing it and many more, why not register for its SESSION or BE CERTIFIED on it for yourself and marriage.

Think Sex, Make Sex, Do Sex in the Halal way…


Better Half Marriage Consult…

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