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Sex Education 4


Sex discussion has now become something “terrible” to discuss amongst married couples and singles. But why?

Quickie is that sex that is super fast, unplanned, requires no romance to get in the mood, done without putting off clothes completely and sometimes, done in an unexpected place and weird position. For example, you may “eat” her in the kitchen, parlour, office, etc.

What makes it the best thing couples may do is simply because it is stress-free! It involves no external forces such as: romancing, caressing, kissing, rubbing, etc.

Just ignite the engine and drive yourselves to the wonderland. Preferably, drive roughly.

Back to the context in the previous post:

Thirdly: As a lady, you need to do away with shyness when you’re with your lawful husband.

Imaam Muhammad Al-Baqeer said: *The best woman among you is the one who discards the armor of shyness when she undresses for her husband, and puts on the armor of shyness when she dresses up again.

Let your know man he needs to tighten up well before you can be handled. Be sexually wild and “hot”. Know that jilbaab and Niqab are impermissible in this state. Wear that lingerie and serve him right! Most times, let your dressing do the talking. Let him feel he’s no longer in Dunya upon seeing you. Let your dressing take him to Cloud 69. Discard the armor of shyness abeg. Don’t be like those who say: “Kini katigbo, a whole me hafzoh wa n se doggy. As in, ki n ma se X-Factor, Face-off, leap frog, especially, spread eagle. Oloun maje”

No problem… You’ll soon tell us the number of “aje” ti Oloun mu.

Sounds funny right? Yes, it is but this has sent some ladies outta their marital homes today and it’s about to send some packing. May Allah save us from such.

Fourthly: Messengers! Hmmmmmmm, you see this ehn, make I no talk too much sha. Imagine visiting someone without informing him or her, hardly would you be welcomed well.

Similarly, engaging in “tibi” without sending messengers may be TERRIBLE! Why and how can it be terrible? Before I go into that, let me quickly mention some of the messengers. There are numerous but I would mention few such as: Kissing, raw words, touching, rubbing, caressing, licking, squeezing, smooching, etc. Let me stop there before they say someone is “something” now.

Wondering if this is also in our Deen? Yes, it is:

Scholars(Shaykh Ibn Baaz amongst)said: it is permissible for a husband to enjoy every part is his wife’s body, aside from the back passage…..

In Al-Mughni of Ibn Qudaamah, Shaykh said: There is nothing wrong in enjoying the area between the buttocks without any penetration just because what is haram is the back passage.

Imaam Ibn Al-Qayyim says: The husband should first fondle his wife before having relations with her, that is, by kissing her and sucking her tongue sometimes.

Wahala for who no sabi “do the do” in the most suitable and enjoyable manner ooo.

AlhamduliLlah for Islam. But there’s something worth knowing before all these are done.

Couples first have to……….

To be continued…

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