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Sex discussion has now become something “terrible” to discuss amongst married couples and singles. But why?

But wait, did you know that “changing of position” was first done by a companion of the prophet?

Yes, it was done by Umar(may Allah be pleased with him). What a fantastic man he was! رصي الله عنه.

Ibn Abbaas said: Umar came to meet the apostle of Allah and said: O Messenger of Allah, I am doomed! He( the prophet) asked: why? He(Umar) replied: I changed my position last night. That is, with his wife. The prophet was quite then Allah revealed the verse quoted in the previous post…

Classed as Hasan by Shaykh Albaani.

Having understood all that, can we now see it’s in our Deen to learn about it?

The best of mankind didn’t leave anything untouched. Don’t be surprised if I say he gave men clues on how to make their wives reach CLOUD 64… Yes… You are surprised abi? Stay there and be forming saint lori iro.

You see, there is more to sex than just come and do … Sex has to be enjoyable, exciting, full of fun and should always make someone wish for more. But how can all these be achieved in a Muslim home?

Firstly, we have to have the mindset of doing it for the sake of Allah. Imagine riding your spouse and be earning reward. Oun gbadun, o tun gba laada. SubuhaanaLlah… Now imagine the rider knows how to ride perfectly, the ridee would at the end of the day, pray for the rider voluntarily. How fantastic that is!

Secondly, LEARN! LEARN!! LEARN!!! I could remember during our days in secondary, when doing biology, there’s a particular topic we all loved back then. Ehn, it is that topic that came to your mind. Don’t deceive yourself, we no dey like miss the class. If it can be learnt during those days, why can’t it be learnt lawfully now? Let me quickly go outta context:

As a wife, you must be superior to your husband in it. Instead of using “attack” as a form of “defense”, punish him with sex! Wait, don’t get me wrong. Punish him there means give him “hot hot”. For instance, he refuses to get you that lovely jilbaab, don’t worsen the issue by nagging. Just find a suitable time and ride him hot. After all, he’s yours. Play with anything “playable”. Make he scream, mourn, in short, take him to a place he never expected to reach sexually and see how he buys triple of what you ask from him. Try it and thank me later.

As a husband, QUICKIE is one of the best thing you can give your wife. Let me go outta context for the second time again. Don’t mind me, I’m getting emotional ni:

Quickie is that sex that is super fast, unplanned, requires no romance to get in the mood, done without putting off clothes completely and sometimes, done in an unexpected place and weird position. For example, you may “eat” her in the kitchen, parlour, office, etc.

What makes it the best thing couples may do is simply because of…………

To be continued…

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