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Sex Education 1

Sex discussion has now become something “terrible” to discuss amongst married couples and singles. But why?

Pick up your pen, take a book and grab a stool as I take you through this little journey of SEX.

Few fun facts about sex:

Sex is life
Sex is food
Sex is medicinal
Sex is natural.
Healthy sex brings about deep love between couples.
When you are sick, have sex
When you’re starving, have sex
When you’re happy, have sex
When you’re sad, have sex

Sex has no particular location:
In the kitchen, wam!
Bathroom, gbam!
Corridor, Lai!
Lobby, nwam!
In the sitting room, gbensh!
In the delivery room, gbush!
Anywhere belle face, follow who know road.

Sorry, I was overwhelmed by it that I forgot not to go outta context… Back to the main discussion.

Marriage isn’t all about sex. Yes, متفق عليه but you would agree with me if I say a sexless marriage is a marriage without bearing._

Sex is created by Allah عزّ وجل for enjoyment then procreation(يفعل ما يشاء) BUT ONLY between legal couples according to the Islamic principles.

Now, having understood that, Allah says: Your wives are a place of cultivation [i.e., sowing of seed] for you, so come to your place of cultivation HOWEVER YOU WISH…

As seen, 3 particular words were written in CAPS above… Why?

To be continued…

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