Scene of Zina

She: I love you truly but are you sure you will marry me?

He: I will marry you… What we are about to do strengthens love between lovers.

She: Hmmm, but what if I get pregnant?

He: That is exactly what I want. It means a journey of 20years has been made easier for us. That would really make me appreciate you the more.

She: I am still young for this… I really can’t cope.

He: You’ve never lied before but you just did. You are more than 18 now and again, I promise to go slow on you. In fact, you will feel different entirely after we’re done.

She: Hope you won’t disappoint me?

He: SubuhaanaLlah, it’s just like my mind should be opened for you to see how sincere I am. Since we’ve started, have I ever disappointed you? I promise to take care of you and love you till death.

She: But sir, it is against the Sunnah and also, you haven’t paid my sodaaqi, this is not allowed.

He: The prophet said “every son of Aadam is a sinner, and the best of them are those who repent.” Allah says in different verses that “He is oft forgiving and He forgives all sins”.

She: But sir……

He: Don’t worrrrrrrryyyyyy… I will take absolute care of you. Just consider how I have been taking care of you since the day we’ve been together. Have I failed to make you happy for once? I always try to get things you need at the right time or when you don’t even need it. I am ready to spend any amount on you and I promise to be responsible for whatever happens after this. I love you so much.

She: Smiling stylishly, I love you too sir………Gives him a seducing look and BOOM, the rest is an history!



Some lessons from the story are:

1. Know that Sex before Marriage is Haraam, no matter who the person is.

2. Shaytaan too can quote the Quran and Sunnah to back up his point or evil doings.

3. No Khatibah (engaged couple) or (wooed and the wooer) should be in seclusion until the Knot is tied (Aqdun-Nikah).

4: Accepting gifts from strangers may be disastrous on the long run.


Aboo-Murtadoh Sherifdeen Bn Abd-Rāfī’u An-Nayjiriyy

3 thoughts on “Scene of Zina”

  1. Sulaimon Ruqiyyah omobolanle

    I think the faults is from the root i.e parent with their children’s upbringing, because some children are just dressing without better understanding of the Deen.
    Parents need to be counseling their child or ward time to time

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