Restore The Feelings and Love

As Salaamu Alaykum Waramotulahi Wabarokatuhu,

Marriages are failing. The little that are still intact are dilapidated ones. Works are on our head, wallohi.

If we wanted to save Marriages, we would have to LEARN how to RESTORE the FEELING OF LOVE.

How do we now RESTORE our FEELINGS and LOVE?


You need to know What a brother needs in a sister AND What a sister needs in a brother. All is not about figure 8 or fair-skinned sister nor a tush brother who has money and a good ride.


YOU need to know What a MAN can do to gain his wife’s heart AND What a WOMAN can do to gain her HUSBAND’S heart.

I could not have been more correct in my analysis. I counseled a couple and instructed them to make each other feel good and avoid doing what made each other feel bad. They were able to restore their romantic love and their marriage was saved. From that point on, I simply asked each spouse what the other could do that would make him or her the happiest. Whatever it was, that was their first assignment. Of course, not every couple really knew what would make them happy, and not every spouse was willing to do it.

But as I perfected my understanding of what it was that husbands and wives needed from each other to trigger the feelings and love just like they began the journey of coupleship, and learned how to motivate them to meet whatever need was identified, my rate of success skyrocketed in Solving Marital Bruhaha.

So, I am putting the question before you today: What does your spouse want in a Marriage which you have not been doing?

I am waiting for your response………

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