No Timetable for it!!!


_When spouses differ on the frequency of their desire for sexual intercourse, conflict may result and eventually escalate. If the husband desires sex once a day, and she is quite happy with it once a week, the difference usually becomes exaggerated. Over time, he may end up complaining she only wants to have sex once a month, while she is now convinced that he wants it three times a day. *A crisis in the making!!!*_

_As the misunderstanding escalates, the wife begins to avoid her husband. He, meanwhile, increases his advance, thinking if he approaches her once a day, she will perhaps acquiesce to it once a week. This of course, only makes the entire situation worse._

_Diplomacy, not avoidance, is the answer. Honesty, tenderness and love provide the ideal climate for de-stressing the differences and for helping husband and wife appreciate them. This common conflict needs not make their partner unhappy if handled with love and understanding. Remember, sex by demand of duty-sex never becomes great sex! It is, however, the duty of every spouse to satisfy his or her spouse all the time._


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