No One Has It ALL!!!

A child who has a mother but striving to crawl; another child of the same age in the orphanage home already running.

An eligible single being depressed and pressing to get married; newly married lost her life in childbirth and the husband already a widower within one year of marriage.


A single mother struggling with her twins and lamenting how hard life is. A Couple, married for 10 years with a fleet of cars and luxuries but no child.

Another lamenting how tired he is of walking, he wants a car; another just had an accident with his car, fighting to walk again, he cries:

“Take away all that I have but give me my feet.”

Someone from a poor family, very intelligent with no help, struggling to pay his school fees in a local school; while another has all the financial resources it takes to go to the best school in the world but alas . . . Nothing seems to enter his brain.

Someone wants to commit suicide because he was diagnosed with HIV; whereas, a leukaemia patient somewhere is crying “If only it was HIV.”

A beautiful girl crying “Why should I be in this village while my mates are making it big in the City?” Another big babe in the City is just being raped and killed for rituals.

There’s a poor man somewhere with healthy children and there’s one rich man somewhere with abnormal children who aren’t happy because the whole world thinks he used them for money rituals.

The list goes on and on.

This is to tell you that nobody has it all and no life is a perfect definition of perfection.

Whatever challenges you have, someone somewhere has a bigger one.

Learn to live in gratitude!

Life itself is UNFAIR!!!


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