Loving and Caring 2

Between A LCM and A WWH Husband SERIES 2B

In this series, we want to look at the husband’s love and care for his wife. We want to fish out a lot of unspoken wounds here, Islam is a religion of truth. What we want to dish out here is what made some Umm’s and sisters say after Nikah You are “heartless and insensitive”; “I thought I knew you”; “you are a deceit”; “you have no feelings for me neither do you care about my happiness”. these are some of the reasons Men kill their hitherto happy Marriage in an attempt to prove the point that, he is the “man” of the house, “not the house boy

During my bachelor days, I went to my learning centre, Aguda Lagos State Nigeria, with some married men for my course titled: Chartered Institute for Marketing of Nigeria (CIMN), a man jokingly was saying: “In my house, we run the family things in some kind of division of labour. As the man of the house, I must go out and make the money, while my wife must take care of the domestic duties. Is it proper that, after running round to put food on the table for the family, And my wife will expect me after my return to assist in carrying the baby, fetch water, feed the children and do domestic chores with her?” Abu/Brother, are you like this too?

Experience has equally shown that many men boast in the presence of their family or siblings that he is not their wife’s house boy, or what is our definition for ‘woman wrapper. A husband denying his wife, the support and help she needs from you (domestic assistance) is not necessary, but it’s an act of Sodaqo.


From the authority of Al-Miqdam who reported that Allaah’s Messenger said: “Indeed, Allaah commands you to be good to the women; indeed, they are your mothers, daughters, and (maternal) aunts. Indeed, a man from the people of the Book would be married to a woman who can hardly know how to pull a string (from ignorance), and yet, neither of them would want to depart from his companion”

[Recorded by Tabarani]

Let’s meet again tomorrow for the next SERIES 2C In shaa Allaah.

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