Lost but Found 4


Submissiveness in Marriage is the visible expression of unique wisdom that Allaah gave to the woman for the building and running of her home. It is the weapon that Allaah gave to the women in which she will ironically ‘control‘ this POWERFUL and AUTHORITATIVE head of the family called HUSBAND. My sisters call it MUMU BUTTON. I call it MATERIAL WIFE. WHY?

Because not all women have the initiative to get this REMOTE at hand in their Matrimonial Homes. To some women, the word “SUBMIT‘ represent the woman as WEAK, but in Allaah’s Matrimonial Secrecy, it stands for STRENGTH without MUSCLES. Show me a SUBMISSIVE wife and I will SHOW you a WOMAN in charge of HER HOME (husband, children, in-laws and family treasures). A submissive WIFE is truly in charge of the Home.

The only antidote to a man’s ego in Marriage is the wife’s submissiveness. Every man, even the weak ones desires to have a wife that is ‘tenderly’ and ‘dependent’, such will need his presence always for guidance and protection. As a wife, you make your husband believe that you can do without him materially and emotionally; your judgment is beyond veto and your opinion must be accepted, then you desire the headship of the family. Different husbands will react to such behaviour differently but, what will be will be withdrawal of empathy, support and involvement in the wife’s affairs. With submissiveness as a wife, you will not just be attractive, you will command the unconditional love of your husband. This is the blatant truth. Give it a trail, even a dying Marriage will be restored to a joyful home Bi Ithnillaah.

Please be submissive to your husband in everything and you can be sure to regain everything in double folds.

Let’s meet again for another episode In shaa Allaah next week. Thanks for reading.


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