He or She is not a SAINT!!!


_Since it is known to all that at times in a marriage, misunderstanding is inevitable, then you need to know that no matter who your spouses are in religiosity (Hijaabi, Khimarite or Niqaabi), age or post (Prof. Doctor, Shaykh, Ustadh and the likes), he is not and can never be a SAINT. He or She will be prone to mistake sometimes (at least once in a while)._

_Just allow him or her to be the human being they are. Allaah and His Rosul told us to seek after a religious spouse doesn’t mean they will be a MA’SOOM (someone who is free from mistakes or faults). And we should try to always love them with their flaws, except the lack of Faith and Piety. Nowadays, people tend to be on the page of seeing their spouses be of super Eemaan like the Sahabah [Male Companions] or Sahabiyyah [Female Companions], if not Rosulullaah._

_At this juncture, we need to see our partners as our spiritual mates and understand that both husband and wife must complement each other as the Quran has instructed us to be. It says: *”Help one another in Al-Birr and At-Taqwa (virtue, righteousness and piety; but do not help one another in Sin and Transgression.” [Quran 5 verse 2].* Dont ever think a lesser of yourself in your Matrimonial Home. Are you among those who expect their spouses to be something you are not? Definitely, Allaah does not match it that way!!!_

_The ideas start long from Singlehood that some people are SPECIAL while some are LOWER. They start it by rejecting proposals that *if I reject this, the one better will come my way (Na so my brother dey reach 40 years dey go oooo and my sister dey reach 35 dey go oooo).* Then, this idea transcends in Marital couples too to think of leaving one partner (divorce) while thinking someone is better than him or her somewhere. *Perhaps, without defects!!!*_

_Do you know that this is called DISILLUSION? Over the years now, this disillusionment has grown to mammoth proportions. That way you will never see any disillusioned spouse that will SEDUCE their partner because he or she believes someone is there better than him or her. *I tell you, you are deceiving YOURSELF!!!*_

_Understanding that Allaah gave you some unique gifts and gave your spouse some other unique gifts, frees you to accept him/her exactly the way he/she is. Every man will not possess the same set of gifts; neither will every woman. That’s how Allaah created and fashioned us to be. Once you realised those truths, you will stop expecting your partner to manifest his gifts and yours too. You will then understand that the two of you are a complement to each other. *You are indeed a COUPLE!!!*_

_Let’s compliment each other upon goodness and righteousness. There is no SAINT anywhere on earth. Before the Sahabah became who they are with Rosulullaah, some had walked a rough and thorn part but with TIME and GUIDANCE from Allaah Subuhanahu Wa taala, they are PURIFIED!!!_

*May Allaah bless our YOUNGSTERS and MARRIED COUPLES to become a ROLE MODEL for the Ummah to emulate.*

©️ *Abu Unaysah Bn Ibrahim*

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