Dont Destroy your Marriage


_Many homes are destroyed today due to your attitudes towards the situation in the Matrimonial Homes. Since Marriage is the amalgamation of a man and a woman, then you will always be responsible for what happens in your marriage. *Once it happens (fight or misunderstanding),* then:_

_Do hug and kiss your partner every morning while you are on the bed. Tell her that you LOVE him or her while you are eating together. Always Kiss him or her before leaving home for work (this SUNNAH has died in many homes 🏡)._

_Call during the day to see how they are doing. Bring her some gifts (romantic or not) once in a while as a surprise. Gifts for special occasions (Eidul Adha or Fitri) should be sentimental, not practical. Learn how to shop for your spouse or with your spouse, if you don’t know._

_After work, call him or her before you leave for home so that they can know when to expect you. When you arrive home from work, give him or her a hug, kiss and spend a few minutes talking to them about how their day went (this has died in our marriage)._

_Assist with domestic work at home UI (if you have the time and are available). Always eat together. Hug and kiss every night before going to bed and if possible cuddle each other to sleep. Plan together and share ideas for the development of the family. *Don’t destroy your home with your ATTITUDE!!!*_


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