About Us


About Us

Better Half Marriage Consults is a registered Marriage consult and a Non-Governmental Organization founded to provide an Islamic-oriented Marriage upon Kitaabu Was Sunnah on an international basis and provide a global charity platform for the catering of humanitarian services globally [Bi Ithnillaah].

Our Philosophy and Vision

BHMC is a purpose pursing, legacy making, and transforming generations upon generations. It is indeed a multipurpose and multifunctional work. In BHMC, we are driven by our passion and Fear of Allaah in our belief. We are happy and do it for pleasure, despite being with a token, because it’s all about PASSION and INTEREST.

We are very sure that if we TRAIN and PREPARE one young adult for Marriage, we build a building block to restoring the dignity of Marriage and family; if we keep one couple together, we help parents raise healthy and happy children; if we save one family from divorce, we help a couple to become model of Marriage to their children, their mosque, their environment and states. If we train and equip one IMAM or Ustadh or Abu or Umm (khimarite or Niqaabi), we touch and transform an entire congregation and community. This is because the changes will surely manifest. The wise people say if you change, people will see it in you.”

This is our vision for LIFE for an individual and the congregation at large. Different courses to safeguard each home and family while not forgetting the community at large.

You find it interesting, right!

Then be prepared to book an appointment with our Counsellors.

Our Courses

Get a Professional Certificate in any of Your Choice

Matrimonial Builder Certification Course [MBCC]

Matrimonial Builder Advanced Course [MBAC]

Foundation & Advanced in Mental Health [FMH]

Special Courses [SC]: Communication in Marriage

Special Courses [SC]: Anger Management

Special Courses [SC]: Sex Education

Reasons To Choose Us

In BHMC, we combine the knowledge of Secular and Islamic Counselling to make a balanced world. And our syllabus in Islamic Counselling is very rich and with easy understanding.


After the completion of your course with Better Half Marriage Consults, you will be awarded a standard certificate of completion to prove that you have acquired certain knowledge in Counselling.

Working With Us is Easy & Effective.

  • We offer both online and offline marriage counselling.
  • We offer 30 minutes free consultation session.
  • We have affordable and sliding scale rates
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