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And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquility in them, and He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed, in that are signs for a people who give thought (Qur’an 30 verse 21)


OUR MISSION 👍 To build a Muslim-Centred Marriage based on Kitaabu-Was-Sunnah. 👍 To lessen ways of Zina in the society. 👍 To ease the means to Nikah from brothers to sisters and Sisters to Brothers and ease the Parents' involvement too. 👍 To reduce separation of couples if not eradicating it totally.


Better Half Marriage Consults (BHMC) is a research and training arm of the Singles and Married Forum. It is a Nigerian based Non-Profit Organization dedicated to restoring the dignity of Marriage and Family in our present Ummah. BHMC purpose is to pursue a legacy-making, transgenerational, destiny transforming mission.


BHMC Charitable Programs aims are: 👍 Collecting and Distributing Ramadan Fisebilillaah, Zakatul-Mal and Zakatul-Fitri for the Needy. 👍 Assisting the Widows and Less privileged Divorced women through Feeding or Empowerment. 👍 Assisting the serious ones READY for Nikah.

Meet Our Director

BHMC Director

Abdulkabir bn Ibrahim Olakewu is a graduate of Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin, Nigeria where he studied Arabic language and Islamic Sciences and graduated with Very Good. After then, he never seizes learning from scholars within Lagos.

Before his first degree, he had completed his Arabic Senior Secondary School (Thanawiyyah) certificate graduating with distinction at Markazu Tanweeril Arabiy Al-Islamiy in Lagos.

During his years of studies as an undergraduate, Abdulkabir was a role model in searching for knowledge for his peers, having to be a student of knowledge for several scholars in the study of Arabic, such as the Arabic by Radio stage 1, 2, and 3 via radio station in Cairo, Egypt.

A certified Master in Marriage and Family Therapy, USA (2018)…

Ustadh Ibrahim Abdulkabir Olakewu

Our Services

Counseling refers to an interpersonal relationship which involved a form of interpersonal and interaction between a congruent, knowledgeable as well as skillful individual (counselor) to understand and assisting another individual (client) in solving his personal issues.

Finding the right spouse is probably one of the most difficult tasks we are facing during our lifetime. Finding the right person is difficult enough, but actually getting married to them is also becoming increasingly complicated. In Islam, the process of Marriage should not become…

At BHMC, we partner with families to officiate the Aqdu-nikah and Walimatun-nikah based on request. In case you have any question or need more clarifications, Kindly use the button below to send your request and Bi IthniLlah, we are going to reply to your question shortly. 

At BHMC, we provide marriage certificates  for couples who are interested after we  officiated their Aqdu-nikah and/or Walimatun-nikah. In case you have any question or need more clarifications, Kindly use the button below to send your request and Bi-ithniLlah, we are going to reply to your question shortly. 

Better Half Marriage Consults (BHMC) holds a series of seminars, and workshops on marriage, in which participants would be given a certificate. In case you need more clarifications, Kindly use the button below to send your request and Bi IthniLlah, we are going to reply to your question shortly. 

From time to time, Better Half Marriage Consults (BHMC) do carry out diligent research and publish the solutions for singles and couples. In case you have any question or need more clarifications, Kindly use the button below to send your request and Bi IthniLlah, we are going to reply to your question shortly. 

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Our Professional Courses

Get a Professional Certificate in any of Your Choice

Matrimonial Builder Certification Course [MBCC]

Matrimonial Builder Advanced Course [MBAC]

Foundation & Advanced in Mental Health [FMH]

Special Courses [SC]: Communication in Marriage

Special Courses [SC]: Anger Management

Special Courses [SC]: Sex Education

Reasons To Choose Us

In BHMC, we combine the knowledge of Secular and Islamic Counselling to make a balanced world. And our syllabus in Islamic Counselling is very rich and with easy understanding.


After the completion of your course with Better Half Marriage Consults, you will be awarded a standard certificate of completion to prove that you have acquired certain knowledge in Counselling.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Alhamdulillah Robbil Aalameen for making me and BHMC cross path. Alhamdulillah I have really learnt a lot on this journey with BHMC. Even though I studied counselling in school, BHMC has opened my mind and head to so many things I wasn't taught in School, especially on marriage. I'm not married yet, but I have realized so many things some married people haven't realized through the elaborate courses and practicals. Alhamdulillah Robbil Aalameen. Jazaakumullahu khoiran to my counsellor and mentor. May Allah continue to enrich your knowledge.
Rabiu Aisha Oluwabukola (Favoured Muslimah)
Lagos State
I have learnt a lot from these courses (MBCC and MBAC) and it has opened my eyes and mind to things that can help out in one marriage. it's not just a counsellor helping out clients build their homes but also useful tips that can assist every individual have a successful and healthy married life. I'm glad I took these courses... Alhamdulillah
Aisha Yetunde Adesaogun
Kwara/Lagos State
Life is good and I feel like me again. I feel positive, independent, completely empowered, my self-esteem and confidence are much improved. All of my relationships are much better, and I am so proud of what has been achieved. I have the life I want and deserve.
Umm Rumaysoh, BHMC
Oyo State
"Jazakumullaahu to BHMC. This course is very deep not like many of the counselling courses I have attended. I am wondering what we will be learning in the advanced class."
Maryam Gwandu, Marriage Counsellor, Master Practitioner,
What a phenomenal journey it has been. Uplifting, deep, transformative and life-changing. I had the pleasure of being a student on both the level MBCC and MBAC Certificate Courses in Marriage Counseling in 2020. I came into the course having studied an introductory course in counselling skills to develop my skills as a practitioner and eventually becoming a qualified marriage counsellor. My experience on the course is difficult to put into words because it was not only a journey into the field of psychological therapies but an extraordinary opportunity for self-discovery. Our teacher Ustadh Abdulkabir Ibrahim Olakewu is a truly gifted individual (Maa Shaa Allaah) who from day one added the new students to the Alumni group where we as students were able to explore our identities as well as develop our abilities as counsellors and understand how these characteristics are rooted in our core beliefs as Muslims. As part of the course, we were taught human personality which was indeed a great turning point in my life, understanding of the theory and how it relates to our personal life experiences. We also solve marital problems in the group. Central to the depth of our development as students was the therapeutic environment (Alumni group) provided to us by our teacher Ustadh Olakewu where we practice whatever we learn. As a result, we not only grew as individuals but created long-lasting friendships with others in the group. Both during the MBCC and MBAC I have observed the difference in my ability to connect with others when supporting them and the impact of incorporating my beliefs when practising empathy in my day to day dealings especially with PLWD. The knowledge the course provided me, specifically about ‘tasawwuf’ has also enabled me to better understand our identities as human beings and what motivates our behaviour. I would not hesitate in recommending training with BHMC to those interested in Islamic Marriage Counselling, learning more about themselves and what motivates them to explore the field of counselling. To crown it all, it changes my mind about marriage and I can boast to you that with Allah through knowledge/counselling you will never regret getting married. "A happy marriage is not about age; it’s about finding the right person and both working on each other."
Habeebullaah Bn Abdul Wahab
Kaduna State
Alhamdulillah robil aalameen. I have no cause to regret joining this organization to learn. The courses have been amazing in terms of my own personal journey, reconnecting with my self and soul, and beginning to explore on new levels; layers upon layers, deeper and richer. And learning how perfectly imperfect we are and seeing the beauty of the human condition in myself and others, Alhamdulillah. I have also loved the level of professionalism instilled in the students through these courses, ensuring that we understand and really apply what we are learning in terms of ethics and other professional issues. And also how much we have been encouraged to embody what we learn; (integrity, compassion, anger management, empathy, listening skills etc.). These courses not only teach us awareness about these qualities, they teach us to be these. We are taught the utmost respect for clients and how this is so rooted in our Islamic understanding and our deeper human connections. Learning instill our hearts, to be present for our clients in a loving and compassionate way and seeing through the lens of empathy not judgement. If I had to say what these courses have taught me in one sentence, I’d say they have taught me how to be a good Muslimah, May Allah bless our tutor. Aameen. With these I can tell you that.⤵️ "Marriage is an ocean. You can only view its beginning, you can not see its end. To be able to dwell in it unhurt, you need Allah (constant dua), sincerity and constant Naseeha from knowledgeable ones."( ADE'MIDE 2021).
Akinbola Mubarakah Ayomide.
Oyo State (Ogbomosho)
Alhamdulillaah for choosing BHMC. It completely changes my thought concern to marriage stuff to positive, which makes me have an interest in studied the MBCC course with them and can't wait to complete the MBAC course also. Jazakallahu Khair to our lecturer.
Halimat Oyegbenro
Osun State

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